How to Lose Weight despite Busy Schedule

By   October 18, 2015

How to Lose Weight despite Busy Schedule

Statistics provided by Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that from 2011 to 2012, 69.01 percent of Americans aged twenty years and above are overweight including obese. Worldwide, the World Health Organization gathered data that in 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. The adult population is having a hard time controlling weight because of the busy schedule. Time for weight loss programs and activities are replaced by your job mostly sitting for countless of hours. After all, you needed money to live.


We see advertisements on televisions claiming miracles on weight loss. Science induced methods are preferred by some who have enough money to burn. If your budget is not enough, should you just sit down and let your weight pull you down?


Here are some ways to keep your body healthy and lose weight despite your busy schedule.



It is the most basic form of exercise. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a start. Walking to the coffee machine instead of asking your fellow employee counts. Take a break from time to time. You will not only lose calories but will clear your head as well.


Stand up

When you sit for a very long time in your desk, your body accumulates fat. Standing up from time to time will exercise your muscles. Desk jobs are very common nowadays those employees are glued to their chair. If your employer allows, you can have a standing desk instead.



Because you are busy, jogging to work will surely work. Short distances can be crossed from time to time instead of driving.


Waiting is not a bad thing

No matter how busy you are, there are times when you have to wait for something to get done. Stretching while waiting in line for coffee or simply when getting something printed out is definitely not a weird thing to do.


At home gym

No time to go to the gym? You can do it in the comfort of your home. You can watch YouTube videos for routine exercises that you can do on your own.


Watch what you eat

It is not the end of the world. You don’t have to eat everything. Eat small amount of food frequently. Drink a lot of water instead of soda. If you are sitting most of the time at work, this will help you to go to the restroom and therefore allows you to walk and lose some calories. Avoid fast foods. It might suit your schedule because you are in a hurry but it will add to your bulk.


Turn to science

When all else fails, science will catch you. Though this is normally shunned about, technology designed for weight loss can be your last resort.  Natural ways will not really be effective if your mind is fully occupied by work. Most often than not, you forget to do things that you put in your mind. There are methods like liposuction that is faster than natural ways and is definitely certain that you will lose weight.

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