Which is Best in Losing Weight: Jogging or Going to the Gym?

By   October 4, 2015

Which is Best in Losing Weight: Jogging or Going to the Gym?

When an individual is trying to lose some weight, then they should consider these two things. One is the amount of calories burned, and two is how much they’ve consume. If a person can burn more calories than what he had consumed, then the fats in the body will surely breaks down and this can lead to losing some weight. Therefore, the best means of exercise in losing weight is the one that is more effective in regards to calorie burning.

The best and effective way in losing weight is combining exercises that involves regular workout while having a healthy balanced diet. Many people are confused and have questions on their mind which these two types of exercise: jogging or going to the gym, is the best in losing weight. In order to select which one is better, we’ll have to differentiate the two.


Jogging is one of the best types of workout that can burn calories compared to other common exercises. It really depends on the intensity of a workout is how much calories you have burned. A well-balanced diet that is combined to your jogging routine will help quickly in lowering the fat on your body. The more you’re engaging in jogging like you do it regularly will influence how fast you’ll lose your weight. Jogging is also a great way to stay in shape. Plus, anyone can do it because it’s easy to learn and do.

Going to the gym

You can burn more calories and will have weight lose if you regularly go to the gym. The amount of calories you’ll burn will only depend on some factors, such as the time you have spent doing exercising daily, and the intensity and types of exercise that you do. Daily exercise helps you control and maintain weight loss. Using treadmills also help lose some weight only if an individual is consistent, accurate and can make decisions on pressing a button on what type of speed he/she wants. In the gym, you can see many types of machine that you can choose from. Any machine provides different kinds of workouts on how to get fit, lose weight as well as burn fats. Varying is essential to keep oneself to be motivated in exercising regularly.

Therefore, exercises, the jogging and going to the gym are both the best means to lose weight. It is obvious that both have proved that performing either of it depending on their intensities and the regularity of doing either of it can help increase boosts energy and can increase the level of enzymes that can burn down fats.

Actually, you can do both exercises in one place so it will be easy for you not to choose anymore what’s best in losing weight. Jogging on the gym using the treadmill is one easy way to lose some weight. You will not only gain muscle strength and calorie burning but can also get an effective cardio workout.


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